How Startup is solving public transportation problems ?

To solve big problems you need to start with solving small problems. To love what you do isn’t everything to raise a successful startup. You need to be obsessed with solving some genuine problem as well. The word problem, in literal sense, needs to be understood holistically. Problem solving isn’t only about simplification but, also about producing something to fill the demand-supply gap.
The key lies in knowing what problems in the world are you passionate about solving. The intersection point between what the world needs and your passion is the point where successful startups are born. You don’t run where the cricket ball is, but where the ball is going.
Start small, stay aligned!! The litmus test lies in challenging your self every single day to understand what you’re truly passionate about. And yes, if people aren’t willing to pay for the solution then you might have picked wrong problem or are yet to find most creative solution.

There are many problems which can be solved with help of Startup, few are listed below.


– You are on a train and passing by your favorite city.Get food from your favorite restaurant . Here it is Food on tracks. IRCTC E-Catering. You are at home and your gf threw you out. Get hot Food guaranteed from Food Panda. Order Food Online | Up to 30% off | foodpanda India.


– You can get best cloths online. Not need to bother the shopkeeper to show more. Get best designers. To buy online cloths there are many website like Jabong and Myntra.


– Remember those days when your father wanted to buy a land and after purchasing it was found, its someone else and long judicial action. Now we have and many similar wesites.


– Now we learn from pdf, no need to buy paperback books and think to carry the 1000 pages. now you can carry 100 books of each 1000 pages and still weigh less than 200gm. Isn’t it magical. Sometimes I feel pity to little kids who still carry 6 books along with each workbook,CW,HW .Along with these you got high class study material from, khanacademy, udemy, udacity, edx, nptel etc. You can get most eligible teachers and proffesionals via urbanpro, urbanclap . you can give 1000’s of test online on any subject on and many.


– Now you can get checked of more than 30 disease by just a tablet . have a look at swasthyaslate .Swasthya Slate .There are many app who can track your fitness status like how much you walked today, whats your BP like “S Health” and many. You are getting more service than prime minister of India 15 years back.

Public transportation

– In India, the pains of a city’s chaotic public transport system, public trains and metros operating well beyond their capacity, and a limited taxi service, are some of the roadblocks to an efficient public transport system.State-sponsored mass transit systems are unable to keep pace with people, private enterprises haven’t been able to do enough, and dated regulations have not allowed them to do enough to try to fill the breach.Private car ownership has exploded and so has the surge of taxi majors like Ola (in 102 cities with 20,000 vehicles on its platform) and Uber (announcing billions investment to expand in India). The explosive growth of newer options such as Uber and Ola shows there is a massive need for public transport options because not everyone can afford these cab services, and private enterprises can fill the breach left by state-sponsored infrastructure.

Parking problems

– If you have lived in any of the crowded metros, Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore or even outside India you know what a mess it can be finding a parking if you visiting some busy market, malls etc. Same goes for events which attract a large number of people, since that means a large number of vehicles. The kumb Mela, 2016 in Ujjain had space for almost 2 lakh vehicles.

Drivers are wasting way too much time and fuel going around blocks looking for a spot. At any given time a good numbers of vehicles in the traffic are the ones looking for parking. All this effort, time and money can be saved if drivers can search, locate and book their parking slots before hand. An application that can provide drivers with real time information about available slots in any parking in any area solves this problem.

Get my parking is the startup doing this. It provides smart parking solutions for consumers, operators, corporates as well as resedential socities. Check my other answer for more info.

Take advantage of these startup and make your life comfortable.

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