Secrets of a Great Mobile App Design

Secrets of designing great mobile app includes some point to be kept is mind. These point are easy to remember such as…
1.Focus on the user experience.
2.keep your mobile app simple.
3.Test you app before launch.
4.Provide great mobile app support.

Let see these points in details…

Focus on the user experience.

The first requirement for a great user experience is to meet the exact needs for the usage of a product or a service, without fuss or bother. To achieve this, users must have all necessary information for their task without being overloaded, not having unnecessary actions, calculation or having to recall. Interaction techniques must be familiar and behave along expectation, errors must be prevented. If users make errors, there must be easy way to recover them. When usage is frequent, product or service must provide shortcut. Users need to have feedbacks, feel in control and know what is going on at all time.
it includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency. User experience may be considered subjective in nature to the degree that it is about individual perception and thought with respect to the system. User experience is dynamic as it is constantly modified over time due to changing usage circumstances and changes to individual systems as well as the wider usage context in which they can be found.

keep your mobile app simple.

Simple can be easier. Simple can be more cost effective. Simple can be more user friendly. And in corporate environments where enterprise mobility is putting a strain on IT departments to secure and tie up all the new threats that mobility is bringing to the table, simple enterprise applications can be managed, secured and maintain with much more reliability. Additionally, when looking at data loss or security breaches through mobile end points many times they are a result of user error. Keeping your enterprise applications simple for the users can certainly cut down on those user miss steps which may lead to data loss. The following is a contributed piece from Andre Smith – an Internet, Marketing and E-Commerce specialist who outlines the benefits and importance of why keeping your business mobile applications simple.

When designing a mobile application, it can be difficult to keep in the mindset that it’s better to keep things as simple as possible if you want it to work best. The fact of the matter is that many business applications set off with the goal to accomplish and achieve as much as possible. However, when doing so, it can often become confusing and frustrating for the users to try and navigate through all of the features. In order to avoid this, the old adage, “keep it simple, stupid” is a great philosophy to keep in mind. Sure, nobody is calling your users stupid, but the fact of the matter is that simply applications are going to be more beneficial for the company as a whole. Here is a look at why business mobile applications should be kept simple.

Test you app before launch.

Ensured functional quality. Testing determines whether the app can be successfully downloaded, executed and interacted with the supporting back-end content infrastructure. It’s a vital factor in the development process that brings to market the high quality product.

Real device testing. It helps to guarantee an in-depth analysis of functionality. Testing on real mobile devices always gives precise outcome for the app and it can totally ensure that a given feature works on an appropriate gadget. It also facilitates a great user experience.

Real-life usage. Simulators and emulators cannot deal with such issues as phone call interruptions, charger effect, and battery consumption. Testing on actual devices allows getting a constructive feedback on these questions. Besides it, real devices provide accurate results with features like accelerometers, geo-location, and push notifications.

Attractive UI/UX. The look and feel of an app and its usability are also tested including the peculiarities of different gadgets. Testing on real mobile devices help to assure user-friendly interface.
Loyal customers. Satisfied customers who enjoy using your app will memorize the company as a reliable one and they will recommend your application to friends. With loyal customers and high quality app, you can reach thousands and even millions of users.

High reputation. Having your applications tested is increasingly considerable for any company that wants to stay competitive and get great prestige.

Boosted revenues. Mobile testing requires an investment at the beginning but it must be done in order to get higher profits in future. Nowadays, even small startups can afford to do testing by cooperating with testing service providers and usually it will be cheaper than employing a full-time tester.

According to Google’s Think Insights on Mobile, 67% of users are more likely to buy the product or use the service if they have a positive experience with your mobile app or website and there are more than 5 billion of smartphone owners worldwide. It’s a very compelling argument to impeccably test or check an app now.

Provide great mobile app support.

Provide support to your user. Make sure every user is crystal clear on
how to access and use all of the app’s features and

• For ultra-simple apps, this can be done through virtual demos and quick in-app instructions, but most of the time, you’ll want to provide in-person, online or live video training as well as user manuals.

• Remember to train new tablet users on the basics—how to open apps,swipe through screens, etc.

• Offer a steady supply of shortcuts, tips and real-life examples.

• Provide ongoing training as new features are added and best practices evolve.

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