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Mobile app development

Before we go on App development cost let me tell you why we need mobile app. First of think of life without phones. Think of the hardship we used to face when there were no mobile phones, so it is clear that mobile phones have made our lives easy and comfortable.When talk about mobile phone we at a time talk about the smart phones we are using now a days and the Internet facility we get in mobile phones. All the facility we get from phones are applications. we call them mobile application as they are installed in mobile phones and they are movable from one place to another. There are lacs of application available today and all of them are build with some purpose. We are getting benefit of them in our daily lives. So you would be thinking of cost of developing such applications.

The cost

Simple apps for one platform will start around $25,000.
More complex apps cost six figures but can push up over $1,000,000 and count increases as you increase your need.
The cost of developing mobile application fully depends on types and features they are developed in. There are many types of mobile application available today. You can get mobile application on Google Play Store and App store for android and Iphone respectively.There is little difference in their amount and cost as both are developed in different platforms. So platforms also plays an important role in mobile app development.

What should you know before approaching a software company to make beautiful mobile App?

First of all you should be clear of what you want and how can you explain it to the software engineer. If you get confused it will lead you to additional cost which will be a waste of time and money. You should be clear of what features you want, you should be clear of design you want and mostly what type of application you want to developed and for what purpose.

Criteria that makes difference in mobile application development cost.


As we know there many types of mobile phone available in market, all of them uses different platforms such as Apple phones and Android phones.Application for both of them are made in different platform so there is bit different in the costing of developing the Apps.


This depend on what type of application you want develop for.You are developing the app for business, social or personal use. All the features depends on how you are going to use you app and these also makes a huge difference in costing of your mobile application


There are different charges for different kind of design more complex design cost you more money.


As we discuss above functionality depends on the features you are going to apply in your app.


If you are clear about your need and you can easily convey your need to the software company than it is very easy for you to save time and money but if you get confuse and if you confuse the developer than it may cost you extra time and money.


If your app is complex but you need it earlier than the time than you may have to pay extra for that.So think of all the criteria before developing an App.

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