How much does it cost to build an app like uber ? – time and cost.

Today in the world of Internet and smart phone, the mobile application has played an important role.Today mobile application has made life easy. The mobile application provides many feature and functionality which are very beneficial in day to day life.
Applications are taking over the mobile ecosystem, it is neither a revelation neither a good insight. And it is fact, supported by astronomical trends each year. The people who have caught on the latest trend a couple of years before are millionaires today and with the extent of the untapped market out there, those who could catch the trend today will be millionaires tomorrow.
Now if think of the mobile application like uber,which is really an important and huge app in the world of mobile application let’s have a look at it, how much it cost and how much time it takes.
Seven years ago, Uber started its successfully comprehensive march over the earth, encouraging more and more cities to join in and fueling more and more entrepreneurs with the idea to repeat its efforts and create something related.
Time to time I hear from people: “I want to develop the app like Uber app for my business! How much does it cost to make an iPhone app like Uber?”.
When smartphone users are ready to get medical assistance and also get hot meals delivered after some screen touches , it looks natural to count on taxi service of the same comfortable. So, taxi mobile app development looks to be a very helpful direction for businesses to be published in conditions of a big city.
The cost to make an app like Uber by Some of the Top App Development Companies are different it depends upon the feature of the mobile application.
Key Features of mobile taxi app like Uber
The cost to develop a taxi app depends on different things, especially, a country in question, its regions, type of taxi app development company and specific list of features that are implemented in it. First of all, it should be understood that such service will need the creation of two interfaces, one for passengers & one for taxi drivers, each of which would have its options.

Features for the passengers:

1. Registration – For using the app, customers may register their accounts & credit cards from their mobile app. For payment processing, infrastructure like Stripe or Braintree can be used.
2. Tracking- Passengers are able to track drivers’ location, and to set a location of pickup by showing the destination on the map or through Google Places.
3. Selecting cab type – Users should be ready to choose car’s class on with details of the ride like price per km, price per minute & minimum fare for all type of the car.
4. Cost calculator – A mechanism that would determine the fair rate by calculating a distance between points of pickup & destination.
5. Live tracking- After the taxi is booked, the customer may update the cab live from their app from the initial stage like starting & ending of the trip, arrival of the cab etc.
6. Automatic Payment- All payments are cashless, so when the tour is completed, payment is withdrawn automatically through payment infrastructure’s API. Later the invoice is sent to the smartphone and to a registered email address. Additionally, clients could able to add various credit cards to the system.
7. Ratings & feedbacks- Passengers should be ready to write a review of their experience. This practice is great for improving service delivery to customers.
8. Booking history – Your mobile app for taxi service may provide passengers tracking booking history.

Features for the drivers:

1. Registration- Drivers are registered immediately via their mobile app, but before they start working, their profile should be confirmed by admin.
2. Booking- The driver has 10 to 15 seconds to accept or reject any new booking request. Requests are performed along with the distance from the present location & travel distance.
3. Updating status- The driver may update the client when he/she allowed or rejected their request when the pickup point was moved etc.
4. Booking History- Drivers have access to booking history, where they may view a status of each order, including canceled one.
5. Navigation with Google- Driver may launch Google Places & Maps to get voice-driven instructions about pickup & destination points.
Let’s move to the question, “How much does it cost to make an iPhone app like Uber & which factors affect the cost”?

* Development Team:

UX/UI Designer
IOS Developer
Backend Developer
Project Manager
QA Engineer

* App Features with regard to complexity:

Simple App


Registration and login
Tracking set location of pickup on the map or via Google places
Selecting cab type


Registration and approving by admin
Booking- accept/ reject request


Push notifications
Support service

Middle App

All features of simple app will be covered


Cost calculator
Ratings and Feedbacks
Booking History
Updating status of customers
Booking History with status of orders


Login via Facebook account

complex App:

All features of simple and middle app will be covered
Live Tracking
Automatic Payment
Adding multiple credit cards


Navigation with Google. Voice-driven destination instructions


Communication facility for drivers & passengers

* The time it takes to build for IOS platform

Simple App:

Design– 1 month
Development- 3 months
Project manager- 10%
QA engineer- 20%
Backend developer- 2 months

Middle App:

Design– 1 month
Development- 5 months
Project manager- 10%
QA engineer- 20%
Backend developer- 4 months

complex App:

Design– 1 month
Development- 7 months
Project manager- 10%
QA engineer- 20%
Backend developer- 6 months

* The cost it needs to develop

Simple App:
Approximate cost- $15,000 to $17,000
Average featured App:
Approximate cost- $17,000 to 90,000
Complex App:
Approximate cost- $90,000 to $200,000

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