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What is Tinder?

Tinder is a social dating application that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing them to chat and fix a date. It works on the logic that it captures the user’s location on the basis of which the user starts receiving the profiles of the opposite sex.
The user has the option of liking or disliking a profile, if liked the other individual is notified and thus a chat is initiated between the two. This app works mainly on swiping motions, where a user swipes right for a potentially liked profile and swipes left to move to the next one.
This was just how tinder works and what Tinder is. But you know this small looking app has great feature and functionality that user does uses it but can’t imagine how this all process is going on. This is due to smart algorithm that Tinder use and the feature are available in Tinder are as below and some short discription how much time it would take to develop in iOS and Android Platform

Features of Tinder:-

1. Authorization via Facebook

This means that user can only log into Tinder if they has facebook account. Yes you are right you cannot use Tinder without having facebook account.
The development of this feature will take approx 1 day for both the platform.

2. Editing profile

The development of editing profile may take 1 day

3. Creating web profile

Tinder alows you to create web profile so that you can use like me on tinder feature.
Creating web profile may take 10 hrs

4. App settings

This may tkae 1 day.

5. Discovery settings

This may take 1 day.

6. Geolocation

This may take 1 day

7. Chat

This may take 45hrs

8. In-app purchase

This may take 38hrs.

9. Integration with Instagram

This may take 30 hrs
Rest of all time may consume in creating back end as and where required.


Total Price to develop a similar App like Tinder on both Android and iOS including web services is approximate $30,000 and total delivery time will be around 3 to 4 Months by

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