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How much does an App like Instagram Cost?

People across the world use more time on their mobile devices than on any another device. Mobile app usage presently accounts for over 50% of entire time used on the online digital media.

Smartphone users use 90% of mobile media time on apps. In extension to this, 45% of all mobile traffic made by the top 500 retailers came from mobile apps.

Six years back no one would have thought that very early we would have an application that would out- grow the Internet infant to the social media star and now Instagram has beats Twitter in popularity amongst US adults as well as India also.

With smartphones rooted strongly in our daily life and app like Instagram counting 500 million monthly active users, which is predicted to reach50.8 million US users in 2017 and 60.6 million in 2018, who would not like to support billion dollar app like Instagram!


What is Instagram?

Basically, Instagram is a Smartphone app for photo and video sharing. It also connects the social networking experience with different unique and innovative photos and video filter for customizing the photos and videos users capture.

It gives a really different and enjoyable way to share actual life experiences with friends on various social media platforms by pictures and videos.

All that users required to do just click an image or record a video with the smartphone, and then select filters which will convert the photo or video totally.

One can use all the filters to previously taken images and videos applying the filters.

Famous personalities have been also using Instagram gradually which is starting the application even more famous. The home screen provides us a feed of the users we are following and the photos or videos they have posted.

Other features of an Instagram app covers Follow people, hash tagging-#, @ tagging to tag different users in the post, geo-tagging the areas where photos or videos were taken, Directly to share the photos or video to a user or a group of users fairly than making it visible for each.

Instagram has added a feature in which the users can opt for a short-term code to be sent as a message to them growing the next step in the login process.

Previously, if anybody wanted to login into Instagram then it needed a user id and password.

This two-factor feature will assist keeps the authentication and user account confirmation secure so that no one can hack your account for misleading expectations.

Know How to start into the market of an app & develop an Instagram-like app for society?

With any top app development companies and product incubators on the growth, further mobile app companies are turning out every day, with lot of expertise to help you make the next excellent Instagram-like app, companies with fine skill in the app development enterprise and those who can work closely with numbers of startup will be capable to understand and build a successful cost-efficient app like Instagram.

So, you have thought to go advanced with an app like Instagram, so now you want to have an analysis of the charges and time investment to build world hottest application, here are some points to consider.


Some exciting features of App like Instagram

These features provide further liking for each photographer fan who can simply set their photos with their strong features, some of them are:

Social Integration:

It works absolutely on the functional and conceptual level.

The Custom designed filter:

This unique editing tool lets a user customize their popular filters. It makes the image look much better than they are.

Pictures on Foursquare:

The different techniques to check the photos on foursquare.

Complete Simplicity:

This application is really so simple and not filled with fancy characteristics, and the attraction is they can do exceptional things and that executes it very appealing.

Simple photo sharing:

When it appears to share capability, it separates from a base, you can simply share your Instagram photos on Facebook or Twitter simply with a simple one step.


The application is very simple, active and strong with all fun to use and no scalability issue found.

Know some awesome advantages of using Instagram:

With an improvement in Smartphone, social media is frequently growing great and covering more businesses, which means whether they are small or big, it is beginning to interact with their followers and clients.

Instagram provides the solid and reliable platform that allows one to leverage the strength of group:

Improves Traffic:

This is one of the great resources of growing traffic. With the higher level of commitment than other social media, it makes and controls a powerful profile that advantages your site clarity.

Making trust:

The important advantage of Instagram is encouraging you to make trust. It connects emotionally with their fans, which helps people to get from people. The great part is you can share day-to-day activities of your business or life.

Increased Engagement:

Having an active Instagram account with valuable content makes one with a great level of commitment with their audience.

A research by Forrester, reports that Instagram satisfy produces 58 times more probable than another social media network.

Free advertisement:

The best way to advertise is by free advertisement. It Can simply and quickly make large interest by exhibiting your products and services.

An application like Instagram has joined almost 500 million users, then what causes you delay in building your own app like Instagram?

Develop an app same like Instagram

Who does not like sharing their images, with an app like Instagram.!

Comparatively, we know that the technology has improveD a lot in order to build applications like Instagram so you do not need to develop an app from the scratch.

The great thing is that the company has best app developers who can customize an app like Instagram according to your demands. With your personal Instagram clone, you could snap and share photos immediately and simply connect to social media websites.

We give improved photo options like the blur, raise, tilt and many other innovations, from which you can simply turn the photos into a real medium of communication.

Development cost for developing an app like Instagram:

Costing of the app development changes from iPhone and Android applications. Applications like Instagram for iPhone deals with the programming side of the process.

The primary cost for iOS and Android app, covering the cost of business study & communication, Base Code & structure, Screens, company logic & Data design and Graphics design combination cost $40/ hour.

Having said about the app development charges of the app like Instagram, we more make our service far open by leading you to make your interest successfully.

Successfully build your interest:

The excellent way to build interest by applications is with excellent views. A poor idea is absolutely hard to remain. In the idea, a company plan should be written and followed, that performs well and can be simply completed, earning your money to grow.

Companies having financial development with some budgets, practical deadlines, and cost-benefits study, helps you to make interest by some of these information.

Also, the pricing depends on the variety of platforms you want to develop on. Without much ado, we have tried to share the approximate calculation of Instagram-like application development

Here you can see the approximate cost

1. Define set of options:


Register a new account by means of email or phone number.

Login with the existing social media account

It will take approximate 60 hours.

Creating/editing profile:

Add or change personal data like name, city , Phone number, websites,etc..

it will take approximate 40 hours.


Set language of the interface.

Enable or disable the push notifications.

Set the account as private or public.

It will take approximate 30 to 60 hours.

Message Exchange:

Communicate with friends in the actual time mode.

Send and receive the message immediately.

It will take approximate 130 hours.

Push Notifications:

Inform users about releasing an update or adding a new contact.

Send various reminders.

It will take approximate 60 hours.

Uploading images/videos:

Take photos or videos.

Make a preview.

Upload content.

Comment and tag.

It will take approximate 70 to 200 hours.

Customizing Photos:

Applying filters.



Setting up perspective.

It will take approximate 60 hours.

Linking with social media:

Share photo or video on different social media.

Choose accounts to be connected with your application.

It will take approximate 8 hours.

Integrating geolocation:

Share a place where a photo or video was taken.

Add the post can be added to a world map.

Track the places where the pictures were taken.

It will take approximate 20 hours.


Mark posts with the hashtags.

Filter liked posts or tagged photos.

It will take approximate 60 hours.

2. Consider extra costs:

Creating design:

Easy to use and nice looking

it will take approximate 50 hours.

Consider number of operating systems:

Consider spending a little more on Android.

Development of the number of Android.

Devices exceed the number of IOS ones.

App development Team:

Hourly rate of the developers significantly.

Differs depending on the country where they work.

It will take $50 per hour.

Dedicated servers:

0 – up to several thousands $

Start with free hosting and proceed with changing to the more powerful one.

3. Calculate final price:

Total time multiply by Hourly rate = Final price

Total cost will be approximate $50k to &60k.

Having developed similar kinds of applications, we have achieved thorough knowledge about making photo & video sharing application like Instagram, our good expertise, excellent value for work, and cost performance with quality technology, encourages us to build Instagram app clone, that will give you a fast turnaround of the applications fast and make more money.

The top app development company has mastered the technique of developing social sharing app like Instagram, a clone that is simply customizable to your requirements, you can feel secured and tension-free installation with no copyright or IP problems.

Cost for app marketing

The Instagram app having a large market, our marketing and selling team know the bits and parts of leading mobile advertisement platforms and how they can support to promote app like Instagram.

It will take approximately $6000.

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