Mobile Apps That Earn You Extra Cash & Rewards

We all one word that is free. If we see these word free we get crazy about the product and get into it. You must be looking for app that earn you extra cash and rewards. really this true you can earn money or recharge your mobile.In this blog we shall inform you about some app that earn you money or rewards.

App that earn you real money

 Field Agent


What you have to do to earn:-

You turn into a field agent for some field work, carrying out small missions in your neighborhood. You’ll get instructions of what to do and where to go, places like your local shopping mall, grocery store, or any landmark. The jobs must be completed within 2 hours, and is on a first come, first served.

What you earn:-

You will be pai between $2 and $12 (paid via PayPal).



Check Points



What you have to do to earn:-

You can earn points for checking in to a grocery store, cafe or shopping mall, scanning the items that you buy during these errands or even when you recommend a friend to join CheckPoints.

What you earn:-

The earned points can then be redeemed for rewards like and Walmart gift cards, games, cool gadgets and more.






What you have to do to earn:-

Complete simple assignments (Shifts) such as taking photos, giving an opinion, or recording the price of a product. After you complete several tasks, you will be promoted and will then be able to unlock higher-paying assignments and other valuable perks.

What you earn:-

Payments will be made via PayPal and can be processed within 48 hours.



App Trailers



What you have to do to earn:-

Preview trailers about apps and earn points while you’re at it. Help the app makers improve their app trailers by sharing honest opinions about what they need to add to complete the trailer.


What you earn:-

You get paid half a cent for each video you watch. For trying out a demo (of an app), you can get paid between 9 cents to a dollar. Joining via a friend’s referral code may give you a head start of 50 points.




What you have to do to earn:-

Take photos of what is asked in your assignment: your lunch, your drink, or the shoes you are wearing, and earn money for each snap. Share a comment about the snapshot (if you got a feedback you want the manufacturer the know, this is your chance), and that’s it.


What you earn:-

Earn money for each completed assignment via PayPal or get free merchandize. There is also the option to donate to charity via Unicef.




What you have to do to earn:-

Exercise at the gym and earn money. Seriously! Once you’ve made a week-long pact on GymPact, you get paid for every day you go, and you have to pay for every day you skip. Those who get to the gym to exercise get to claim their monies from those who didn’t!


What you earn:-

You’re getting $0.50 to $0.75 per workout which must lasts a minimum of 30 minutes. And you get to follow your exercise regime, and keep fit and healthy.





What you have to do to earn:-

Be a Gigwalker and run special assignments for clients at a preset price. You could be asked to take photos of a place, hand out fliers, check out a new bistro or a new product, or even become a mystery shopper. You essentially become your clients’ eyes and ears simply by being at the right place and the right time.


What you earn:-

Get paid from $10 to $15 an hour.




What you have to do to earn:-

If you are a heavy shopper and love trends and bargains, earn ‘kicks’ just by being yourself with Shopkick. Find participating shopping places that allow you to earn kicks with every walk-in and/or purchase and you will be able to redeem rewards with the ‘kicks’.


What you earn:-

You get a first look at items at the store (while earning extra ‘kicks’) even before an actual walk-in. Use your ‘kicks’ to unlock gift cards and products you can redeem.





ESPN Streak For The Cash


What you have to do to earn:-

Think you know your sports team? Then name your predictions for each game and make sure you get the longest winning streak of the month. To make it tougher, you have to make the call for 10 different sports and maintain your streak.


What you earn:-

The longest winning streak for a team or a player will win a monthly grand prize of $50,000.






Phewtick Malaysia Apps


What you have to do to earn:-

Get Phewtick on your phone, meet up with someone, scan a QR Code and voila, get paid just for meeting people.


What you earn:-

Earn points that you can cash out, or donate to Unicef or the Red Cross. And meeting new people for work or leisure.



There are many site where you can get free Recharge. You can recharge your prepaid account for free.Here are some of them.





Ladooo is best app to get free mobile talktime. It has been downloaded by over 10 lakh users across India. So, it’s highly reliable and recommended as it gives new offers every time & rewards instantly. They have also included “Paid Recharge” option which works almost similar to Freecharge. Just load some cash in your wallet with credit/debit card and use that money anytime for recharging your mobile/dth or even bills on the go!

Note : Don’t use any tricks for earning, else your account will be blocked!

Update : Now you can easily transfer ladooo credits to paytm wallet! Maximum of 5 redemption request can be made per day.






Free Charge is leading brand which is popular for its online recharge and bill payment service. Currently it is providing 50 Rs credits for every referral which can redeemed in the form of mobile recharge or DTH bill payment. Just go to Refer & Earn section and look for your unique 50 cash back coupon. Ask your friend to do his mobile transactions using your coupon and you will earn 50 Rs. You can easily makeup to 5000 Rs from this cool campaign.










Freepaisa is instant rewarding app for android. You can withdraw money for prepaid and postpaid bill payments.
















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