How to define Target Audience for your App?

Having a good idea for an application is not enough. An application must provide real value for a specific group of people. If you take the time to define your target audience first, you’ll save a lot of time and money during the application development and promotion phases.

By finding a target audience for an application, you can:

  1. Plan functionality and design according to their needs and preferences

  2. Use the best monetization mode

  3. Develop a precise and effective marketing campaign

How to define your Audience?

There are two ways of identifying a group of people you want to target – a general understanding based on the app’s category and Secondary research. As Pixster Studio has designed and developed an app called ‘Signature App’ which saves you from the tedious process of scanning, printing, signing
And provides a simple and elegant way to sign a document and get documents signed from your iPhone or iPad sitting in any corner of the world, it is safe to assume that all the businessman and professionals frequently trading through overseas are the main target market. Secondary research is the analysis of information about your industry, category and competitors.

Finding a target audience for a specific niche application is easier than for a general category application. But even in a large market, there can still be a large niche (such as certain age groups and gender) that can subsequently provide the most loyal users. Game apps typically focus on finding their “whales” or dedicated players who bring in the most revenue.

How to develop a marketing strategy for a target audience?

When the target market is defined and app is ready for launch its time to develop a marketing strategy.
Following are the steps –

Launch a low budget ad campaign

In an ideal world every penny of your marketing budget works to acquire from a targeted audience. In reality the cost per loyal user is much more. You can waste a lot of money on marketing efforts without a test campaign. The software launch allows developers and app creators to acquire a small group of users, analyze their lifetime value (LTV) and define the most useful group for an application. Apart from demographic targeting, such as age and gender, there is behavioral targeting that can be more effective. Behavioral targeting help to reach user segments based on their past actions or interests. For example. An application named “Dietrition” developed by Pixster Studio provides huge variety of diets to maintain or loose weight can be promoted to users who are gym goers, health conscious people, follow exercise and are in search to loose weight without any gym or nutritionist.

Find the right time and place to reach your audience

It’s important to understand when and where to promote your app to a target audience. What is the right moment? This may be a seasonal trend, such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, for retail applications. Maybe you can launch an app for an upcoming sporting or cultural event or start an advertising campaign for a kids game just before the summer holidays.

Promotional efforts should concentrate on websites and social channels that target audience visits. You can ask for app review. PR activity may be seen as a time consuming task, yet it allows to reach the potential end users. For instance, the Font changer app is an app by Pixster Studio with receiving maximum positive reviews, had been a great hit on App store with maximum users.

Analyze, customize and scale

The last and most important part of application marketing for a specific audience is collecting data about your users. By analyzing the statistics, you are able to customize a marketing strategy and evolve when needed.

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