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If you have made up your mind to develop an application for your business then first point that come in your mind will be how to choose a mobile application development partner. To get the answer to this question you need to do some research. You need to think of some basic point that comes in our mind. In our blog will brief you about such basic point. It is but obvious that when we made up mind to purchase some thing we think of it a lot. We check about the market, competition going in the market, price, benefit we would get from that thing and quality. So let’s see some points that we need to keep in mind while choosing a mobile app development partner.

Check their communication skills

You kick-start your selection process by reaching out to vendors. If you feel the vendor is not responding adequately or is delaying communication without valid reason, it should be seen as a red flag. The success or failure of your project will largely depend on how well the app development company communicates. Infrequent communication or failure to send out constant status updates have resulted in disaster. A poor communicator is also likely to misunderstand your requirements and not be able to complete it as per your specifications.

Screen them on the basis of company background

You can obtain information about the management, clients and projects from the vendor’s company website. If you personally know a few of their clients, it will be easier for you to repose your trust in them. Their app portfolio will give you a fair idea of their experience and their expertise. For any additional information, do not hesitate to raise a Request for Information (RFI). This data will help you make the right choice. It has been noticed that some app development companies are too big to listen to you. An ideal vendor would be someone who is big enough to successfully develop and manage your mobile experiences but also humble enough to stay tuned to your needs and pay prompt attention to it.

Find out if they can work on multiple platforms

The agency should have a portfolio of having developed both native and hybrid apps. They should have experience in development for all mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. Someone who has worked on multiple platforms will be in a better position to help you make decisions about the kind of app that will serve your purpose. People with no experience across the breadth of the mobile app industry will try to persuade you to settle for an app that may fall short of giving you the competitive edge you desire. It is important to find a technology partner that is an expert at mobile app development. Companies, for which mobile applications is just another service offering, may not be a good fit. The idea is to partner with a mobile app expert and not be stuck with someone with the same limitations as yours.

Seek information about the team that will be working on your project

Any company is as good as the people that work for it.  It may be in order to ask for resumes of key personnel – like lead developers, technical architects, project and delivery managers. This will help you figure out the technical health of the vendor because designing, engineering, integrating the enterprise backend in a mobile app requires superior technical knowledge. These statistics may also tell you a thing or two about the culture of the company – the average work experience of an employee, his language skills and his technical expertise. It will do you well to know the attrition rate of the company. Productivity takes a serious hit when a company cannot manage to retain its employees.

Figure out if they have presence in your country

Keeping your project on track is essential when you want to take your app to the market quickly. Coordinating schedules and maintaining time lines is critical to the success of your project. The life-cycle of an app gets extended when the vendor and the client work in different time zones. This is why it is beneficial if the app development partner has a US based team or a project manager based in the US who can constantly communicate with you. The company’s credibility and trustworthiness is not suspect when you can communicate with its employees in person than on Skype.

Check Their Testing Services For Mobile App

A buggy app is as frustrating to your consumers as a hard-to-use mobile app interface. It can not only ruin the experience of your users but also hurt the image of your brand in the market. Manual mobile app testing is usually time consuming. With automated QA processes, you can save time and efficiently weed out bugs and memory leaks. On-device testing and beta testing need to be done to check performance, memory and usability issues. To avoid compromising the user experience of your customers, it is best to engage an app development company that has all the available hardware and software needed to deliver bug free applications.

Thoroughly evaluate their cost estimates and project time lines

Once you have specified your business requirement, you ask your shortlisted vendors to submit a proposal for app development cost and time line. This will help you evaluate which app development agency is able to understand your requirements perfectly and provide real and complete mobile solutions. Every item in the proposal – from choice of Operating System to target time lines and budget- should be validated with proper reasoning. The time line should be broken down in terms of both time and resources – the number of days it will take to complete the project and the number of engineers, developers, architects and project managers that will be allocated to you. This time line will help you figure out if the price quoted is realistic or exaggerated. Eventually, you will have to rely on your own experience to filter out fake promises.

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