How to change fonts on Android without Root?

We are all aware of the fact that smartphones are such a crucial part of our lives. However, what matters is that how we can construct a pleasant change on our phone to give that nice feeling.

Understandably, you cannot modify the phones that often, since they are too expensive. So what can we do?May be a change in cover or software or the dull font that comes with the mobile. An android is a commonly used smartphone OS. It is kind enough to offer you everything


What is Rooting?


Rooting is a procedure consumed by millions of Android users nowadays. As name clarifies it is a system to obtain root access to the mobile operating system, preferably in android mobiles. Since you can gain control over the operating system, it becomes convenient to amend the device by the preference.


Rooting has consequences. Therefore, some people do not prefer rooting to modify the font of a device. Everyone doesn’t want to root their smartphones. Let’s discuss the method to change font styles on Android device without rooting i.e. Font changer app. It has bulk of different fascinating styles and you can download the app from the play store. Then pick the best suitable fonts for your device.


Font changer app has greatest collection of fonts on Play Store. Coolest fonts for android. Customize your device with tons of different fonts that can be used everywhere you can type a message. Supports all major social media apps and sites.



First of all, download Font changer app from play store.



Open Font Changer app and select menu on home from the bottom left corner. After that you will find different font style options. Select the desired font from the list.


Finally choose it and that’s how you got the new fonts. Not only font styles but also we provide unique emojis and decorative text.



Use the fonts in folders, calendars, task list, etc. Use special Fonts to highlight your best friends’ birthday in calendars, best friends in contacts, highlight important tasks for your task management in your to-do lists.


Communicate with your fiends with 60+ special fonts in email messages, social networking apps, etc.! Share your great ideas, suggestions to your friends with funny text messages.



Font Changer app does not install fonts in your Android Phone. You can type message in Cool fonts with the selected font and Copy. You can paste copied text in any other apps.


These special fonts are based on Unicode. Once you send message to your friends, they can see the styled text even though they are not having Font changer app in their device.

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