Apple Watch App Development Check List


It’s here! Apple Watch is no more a newbie in the town. Slowly and steadily it is opening its wings to encompass the whole of app world. And while WWDC, 2014 and 2015 had made the Apple Watch and Apple Watch OS 2 one its prime focus and highlight of the evening, the world was going mad. Apple Watch & Apple Watch App Development, these are the 2 words that have raised curiosity, though what magic can it do and how far can apps on Apple Watch go, is not sated yet.

As an attempt to sate this curiosity and to guide you in the dark tunnels to perfection, on the highway to an Apple Watch app development; this article suggests some points that need to be taken care of.

Choose Specific Functionalities for an Apple Watch App

One of the most defining features of the the Apple Watch is that it is a watch. It has a limited screen and only some bit of the whole screen that can be shown at one point of time. This means that an app made for iPhone will not work the same way on the Apple Watch. It does not just mean the app’s responsiveness.

It also means that all the functions and functionalities of the app cannot find its place on the small screen of the Apple Watch. The watch app should be context-driven. Many apps have already understood this and have already begun to apply the changes in their Apple Watch App.

Some of the apps that have accomplished this goal:

Freedom to use Native Apps

WWDC, 2015 welcomed a whole new Operating System for the Apple Watch. The Watch OS 2 with the Native SDK support. What this means is that a developer can develop an Apple Watch app without actually needing to have a compatible app for iPhone. Banking on this beneficial opportunity, many apps have already been trying to make use of the best of the Apple Watch and the sensors, features it provides as a device. From fitness apps to parental check on the children apps, are all thriving at the news completely.

Requires an iPhone 5 or above

Your new watch won’t connect to the Internet or perform most app functions without an iPhone 5 or newer model nearby. Third party apps, messaging apps, Siri and other Apple made apps need some computational power to work and using iPhone 5 and above can be used to leverage and allow the Apple Watch to use the computational power.

Glances & Actionable Notifications

Watch OS 2 allows the user to interact with two sorts of notifications, keeping in mind the minimal availability of screen. These notifications display only glimpses of information on the Apple Watch.

  • Glimpse: A Glance offers a context-based overview of app content. As a part of the Glance Notifications, a user gets the notifications that they do not have to interact with. Notifications that are merely informational, that needs to be read and then allowed to pass by.
  • Actionable Notifications: Actionable notifications are interactive in one way or another with facilities like ‘Read More,’ ‘Dismiss’ and others. As a part of the Actionable Notifications the user has to interact with the device to make sure the process moves forward.

Being ready for the upcoming changes, it is important that app developers and app makers do take care of these points while making an app for the Apple Watch. Changes are happening at a very fast rate and keeping up with them is becoming equally important as well. Currently, it is necessary to keep in mind the considerations that are mandatory in making a Apple Watch app.

With all the buzz making rounds about Apple Watch, it is time you build your own version of Apple Watch App for your business needs. See how we can aid you in developing Apple WatchKit App!


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