Android vs iOS: Which platform to build for ? : Ultimate Guide

iOS vs. Android

If you have made up your mind to build an app, the next question should be “which mobile platform should we use to build our app?” This question has arisen in your mind means you need to decide which platform to choose between two most popular platforms. Most apps should be created for both platforms since creating an app for both would  the whole market more than 95%.

There may be hundreds of reason choosing one platform over the other , there are few reasons why developing on iOS first is better than developing on Android.
iOS is a closed platform.  Apple has total control over its devices and software. They design all their own software and hardware and they are strict guidelines from them. There is the good thing about iOS that few devices in the market support iOS. Even apple launches their new device with the similar pattern that does not differ with older devices.  There are hundreds of devices in the market that runs on Android platform.
It is very easy to get the latest operating system for Apple devices. So these become easier for the user to adopt the newest operating system in compare to Android. In fact, So the developers have fewer worries to cover 95% of the user.if you develop the app compatible with at least 3 newest operating system you will cover 95% of the users.This is not possible in case of Android .If you develop the app in Android you need to check in many devices which will increase your investment as you need more time in this area.

As we know more people use Android in compared to iOS but many apps releases in iOS rather than Android. — recall that when Twitter launched its Periscope app, for instance, it came to iOS weeks before it came to Android. Why? For one thing, iOS users are simply more profitable for app developers because they tend to have extra cash that they’re willing to spend on apps. For another thing, Apple has done an amazing job of making it easier for developers to create iOS apps.


Select an iOS to develop your App first

If we compare both then we all know that iOS have significantly more benefits than Android.
This is true that iOS does not have as much user as Android have globally but still in some foreign countries like America the craze of Apple device is much high than Android.
iOS is also the best choice for your first platform if your business model relies on things like in-app purchases. iOS apps generate up to four times as much revenue per user than their Android counterparts.


Select Android to develop our App first

Android first makes sense if you’re target audience is squarely focused on Android, especially in developing nations or certain segments of urban environments. It also makes sense when you’re tapping into or customizing an element of Android’s operating system that’s not accessible on iOS, when you may need to select the hardware itself that the app needs to run on, or when you want full control over all hardware and software elements .
As covered above, it often takes longer and costs more to develop Android apps. Beyond that, there’s minimal—if any—approval time while still being able to get the app to upwards of 1,000 testers during beta testing on iOS. Finally, it’s possible to have seen dozens of approvals for an iOS app in the App Store by the time an Android app is just launching

Select both Platforms to develop your App

Choosing both platforms is a good idea as it covers the whole of market and will be definitely proved to be ROI.Generally, we have seen many companies choosing both platforms. However, it will be more beneficial to use both the platforms and develop our app in both Android and iOS.


Everything around us is important as and when required. It depends  upon us how to take benefit of each thing that comes in our way. Android and iOS both are equally important for us, make use of both.

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