How to build an enterprise app that everyone will love

The need of developing enterprise is very much understandable. Now if you want to build an app for your enterprise that everyone will love then you must build an app which must be the friendly user. Yes many complex apps are very much user-friendly. The term user-friendly is that it must not be that hard to use. And the design should be such that the user once sees the feature he or she must remember it forever. No need to pull hair to take work out of it.

Make it easy:-

Choose something your users can appreciate, something that conveys the app’s unique features and personality. Then, give it an identity. Create an icon. Design a look that can be used on the materials you’ll develop to market this app to your employees. Write a one- sentence tagline that clarifies its purpose and power. If you’re developing a series of apps, create a synergistic theme to tie them together. Remember, your app’s brand will produce a strong first impression. It will speak volumes to your users about how well-designed the app is, whether it might be a pleasure or a chore to use and if it seems worth embracing. It will also communicate how much you have invested into the app.

Cool deign:-

Design your app such look and feel of your app must be attractive. The user should love to use your app. There are many apps of the same type and feature in the market  but only a few apps are famous and not all. This is because of cool design and user-friendly interface.

Educate your user:-

Once your app is ready, even though it is cool and user-friendly but if you fail to educate your user than it is of no use. Explain your user the features that your app provides. Market your app and then sell your app. Once your app is understood it will never stand, user will love to use app if it is easy to use

Support your app:-

Provide support to your user. Make sure every user is crystal clear on how to access and use all of the app’s features and capabilities.

•For ultra-simple apps, this can be done through virtual demos and quick in-app instructions,but most of the time, you’ll want to provide in-person, online or live video training as well as user

•Remember to train new tablet users on the basics— how to open apps, swipe through screens, etc.

•Offer a steady supply of shortcuts, tips and real-life examples.

•Provide ongoing training as new features are added and best practices evolve

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